About us


CLI-MATE® is the trademark for a complete range of climate, environmental controllers and time switch devices. With a focus in components and production quality, coupled with the aim of offering the best service, throughout the last 8 years, the brand CLI-MATE® has become a reference for indoor climate and environmental control devices, not only in The Netherlands but in all Europe. In CLI-MATE® we put our dedication, knowledge and experience in the field of the indoor climate control, to ensure a 100% satisfactory user experience with our products.

CLI-MATE® Quality – Warranty – Service – Durability – R&D.




CLI-MATE® manufactures exclusively in-house, with qualified and certified personel. We only use quality materials and components. The production facility is a modern area controlled effectively by CLI-MATE®. It is equipped with clean rooms and a modern specialized test room.

It is designed to enable us to quickly, flexibly and effectively react to changes and come up with innovative ideas.

In order to meet the usual quality standards, we usually count with a large stock of components and parts. All special items are directly purchased by CLI-MATE® and assembled at the assembly department of our company.

Just before our products leave the factory, a rigorous final inspection is applied, thus ensuring the high quality guaranteed standard that we are really proud to offer you.

Our vision:

100% guaranteed satisfaction from production to final customer!

Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE)


CLI-MATE® is a registered member of the foundation Metalelektro. As partner of Wecycle are we insured of safe collection and optimal recycling of discarded electronic devices, in accordance with the European Directive 2012/19/EU.



All CLI-MATE® products comply with the European directive 2006/42/EG over devices, concerning the general valid requirements in essential healthcare and security. Upon request we can forward you the technical dossiers and EU-Conformity Statement.





All CLI-MATE® products comply with the European directive 2011/65/EU over devices, concerning the limits of use for specific dangerous substances in electric and electronic devices. Upon request we can forward you the pertinent certificate.